This Adventure Called Life

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You were destined for greatness. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll have significant power over masses of people or that you'll have riches untold. The greatness Kent Ingle talks about is more valuable than power, position, or prestige. It's about living a life of significance and meaning.

You only discover your greatness when you accept the call to adventure. In doing so, new things will happen for you. You'll need to let go of what may be comfortable in preparation for the journey. You'll need to consider new options as you explore new territory. You'll need to take steps forward in faith as you live your divine design.

You can decide to become all God created you to be.




"It's one thing to know God has a unique purpose for our lives. It's another thing to discover this purpose and actually live it out."

About The Author

Kent Ingle is the President of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. Previously, he served as the Dean of the College of Ministry at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. He has also served eight years as a college professor and fifteen years as a pastor. Prior to entering professional ministry, Kent spent ten years as a television sports anchor for NBC and CBS.


"This Adventure Called Life reminds us that change is possible for everyone. It's too easy to accept that the status quo is the best it will ever be. That simply isn't true. If you've had a nagging feeling about changing something in your life, this book will help you make the change before you have to rather than because you have to."


- Jon Gordon, best-selling author of the Energy Bus & the Seed.

"There's a big difference between opportunities we try to create and those God creates for us."